About Us

We offer nationwide deliveries and instore pick-ups!

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Enabling our customers to celebrate and share special occasions with others by providing attractive containers filled with delicious cookies that we have made from the finest ingredients.

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Cookiegrams®, began business in 1983 with the simple idea of packaging freshly baked cookies in cookie jars and delivering them as gifts. We are a small company with about a half dozen employees. Ownership has not changed since 1983. Maintaining quality and customer satisfaction are our primary goals. We mix our own dough using the finest ingredients like fresh eggs, 100% real butter, Debelis®, chocolate, select medium pecan pieces, large plump raisins, and Masseys®, pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract. No preservatives! We hand dip and bake that dough on a daily basis.

Our facility is inspected quarterly by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

We own the U. S. Trademark to Cookiegrams®, so if you see that name used anywhere else, it is not us!


A graduate of UGA, Greg decided to dump 8 years of college and two degrees (BS and DVM) and opened Cookiegrams® in 1983 with the unique idea of offering cookies as an alternative to flowers, fruit baskets, and balloons. Greg has almost no life outside of this business!

A mother of two sons, Susie has worked with Cookiegrams® since 1993. She puts her passion for painting to good use as you can see on the hand painted pots page of this web site. Susie completed her bachelor's degree and is now teaching in elementary school.
Doris and Greg have worked together for over 20 years. Although her three great grandchildren keep her busy, Doris makes time for volunteer work at the Fox Theater. She enjoys Baroque and Renaissance music and is quite an accomplished recorder player.  Doris has recently retired from Cookiegrams®.

Anna began working with Cookiegrams® while a junior in high school. She keeps very busy between working, raising her three young children, and majoring in Criminal Justice.

Originally from Maryland, Betty has helped with bookkeeping since 1991. She enjoys sports, loves reading, and is a teacher in the children's choir at church. Although working is her life, she makes sure to spend quality time with her two children and four grandchildren.